When Louis Pasteur was working on the rabies vaccine, if he or his assistants got infected, they were to be shot in the head.
There's a species of fish called "Slippery Dick".
The world's oldest hotel has been operating since 705 AD.
The world's first labour strike was held on the site of a pyramid.
The world's biggest family lives together in India: a man with 39 wives and 94 children.
The sport of 'Ultimate Frisbee' is recognised by the International Olympic Committee.
The Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula made his horse a senator.
The Pentagon has a plan for combating a zombie apocalypse.
The night before his execution, a man in Georgia escaped from prison and, later that night, was beaten to death in a bar fight.
The Golden State Fence Company, hired to build part of the US-Mexico border wall, was fined US$5M for hiring illegal immigrant workers.