Tornadoes aren't the only danger, Tornado chasers have to be careful of the lightning coming from the thunderstorms that produces tornadoes.
Tornado chasers in the US park southeast of the tornado. It's usually the safest spot to film or record. The reason is because tornadoes normally travel from southwest to the northeast.
Most Tornadoes form in the afternoon. Tornado chasers start planning in the early morning.
You need to step on the pedal of a car pass 70 miles per hour to outrun the fastest tornadoes.
Waterspouts are tornadoes that form over a body of water.
Usually, a tornado's color matches the color of the ground.
Usually a tornado starts off as a white or gray cloud but if it stays around for a while, the dirt and debris it sucks up eventually turns it into black one.
Tornadoes is from the Spanish word, tronada, meaning thunderstorm.
Tornadoes have hit places even in big cities like in Brooklyn.
Tornadoes have been reported in every state in the US and also in every season.