Contrary to popular belief, suicide rates during the Christmas holiday are low. The highest rates are during the spring.
2% of people who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge survive the fall. One man even jumped off for "fun".
There are twice as many suicides as there are homicides in the U.S.
In the UK, the most common cause of death for men under 50 is suicide.
During WWII, Japanese war criminal Tojo Hideki attempted suicide after the surrender. He was saved and resuscitated by Allied forces, who then hanged him.
Ernest Hemingway, his father, his brother, his sister and his granddaughter all committed suicide.
Rudolf Diesel, who invented the Diesel engine, committed suicide in 1913 because he didn't think his invention would be successful
When Ashton Kutcher was 13 years old, he contemplated committing suicide in order to give his heart to his dying brother.
In the U.S., you are twice as likely to commit suicide than be murdered by someone else.
Suicide attempts were punished as crimes in England and Wales until 1961.