Every day, plants convert sunlight into energy equivalent to six times the entire power consumption of human civilization.
It's okay to pee in the ocean since 95% of urine is water and the nitrogen in urea is used to feed ocean plants.
When you donate your body to science, it can get used as a crash test dummy, for medical training, forensic research or to save a life through organ transplants.
Parasitic and host plants have a dialogue by sharing genetic information with one another.
During photosynthesis, plants emit light, called fluorescence, that humans can't see.
If Earth's history were condensed into 24 hours, life would've appeared at 4am, land plants at 10:24pm, dinosaur extinction at 11:41pm and human history would've begun at 11:58:43pm.
Plants and warm-blooded animals closer to the equator tend to be darker.
The trunk of the African baobab tree is sometimes as wide as the tree it is high. The tree is pollinated by bats, and the blossoms open only in moonlight.
The rings of a tree are always farther apart on the tree's southern side. Woodsmen often read tree rings to find the compass points.
The poinsettia flower is named after a nineteenth-century ambassador to Mexico, Joel R. Poinsett, who first brought the poinsettia plant to America.