The ancient Greeks were the first to use bed springs. They fashioned them out of braided leather thongs and hung them between opposite sides of the bed.
The shoestring was invented in England in 1790. Prior to this time all shoes were fastened with buckles.
The natives of Kandahar, Afghanistan, wear turbans which when unwrapped are 20 feet long.
The Maya Indians filed their front teeth to points and drilled holes in them so that they could be embellished with precious gems. They filled cavities in their teeth with pieces of jade.
Kilts are not native to Scotland. They originated in France.
Fashionable women in medieval Japan gilded or blackened their teeth. Today many Hindu women in India stain their teeth bright red to enhance their appearance.
Before King George IV of England ordered a set of boots made to fit each of his feet, shoes were designed to be worn on either foot.