Wyoming has fewer than 1,000 cases of cancer each year. New York State has the highest incidence, with more than 70,000 cancer victims each year.
Women who work have fewer heart problems than men who work. Women in general have remarkably fewer heart attacks than men.
There is a disease called ichthyosis that turns the skin scaly like a fish.
The primary source of physical discomfort among Americans is back pain.
The mortality rate for infectious diseases is lowest between the ages of five and fifteen. After twenty-five the body is much more susceptible to disease.
The Black Plague destroyed half the population of Europe in the fourteenth century.
One out of every four Americans will get cancer. Cancer causes one death in the United States every 90 seconds.
More than half a million Americans died during the influenza epidemic of 1918.
After suffering a cold, you should wait at least 6 days before kissing someone, according to the National Health Foundation.
80 percent of migraine sufferers are women, according to the American Society for the Study of Headaches.