In 1781, Benjamin Franklin attended a concert in which he narrowly escaped death when the opera house caught fire and burned.
The night before his execution, a man in Georgia escaped from prison and, later that night, was beaten to death in a bar fight.
Over 30 of Paul Walker's cars were stolen from a warehouse within 24 hours of his tragic death.
The Spanish flu caused about a third of total military deaths in WWI.
In the UK, the most common cause of death for men under 50 is suicide.
Within three days of death, the enzymes that once digested your dinner begin to eat you.
Vegetarians are 19% less likely to die from heart disease, a study found.
Possessing Bibles, watching South Korean movies and distributing pornography may be punished with death in North Korea.
In Japan, the leading cause of death for men aged 20 to 44 is suicide.
103 countries have abolished the death penalty. Notable exceptions include the U.S., Japan and China.